Hello Your GA-47 looks great I'm interested. I have a few questions. Why do you choose to use a lot of wires soldered to each other and to components inside the microphone body and power supply, instead of a PCB board with traces? Or shall I ask what's the point of soldering your wires together like that? Why not just use the PCB board then attach the wires? 

Point to point wiring is superior compared to using a circuit board since air is a better insulator than most circuit board materials, especially standard cheap ones. For really high end applications, Teflon circuit boards can be used but that’s very expensive.
The silver plated wire is also a better conductor than using thin copper traces on a circuit board.
The downside is that its more expensive to build using point to point wiring.
Please also note the expensive high end solder that is used, it contains tin, copper, silver and gold. The solder also has a quite big effect on the sound.