The GA-47

Welcome to this humble early version of the Golden Age Premier website!

I am happy to present our new Premier Line. The idea is the same as with our Golden Age Project line: to provide high quality vintage style products at an affordable price point. 
The products in the Premier line cost more than the one in the Project line which mean we can spend some more on components and on the general design. They still provide amazing value for the money. 

I do hope you will like them and that you will find them to be a valuable addition to the proven Red and Black products in the Project line.

Bo Medin

I am working hard on new products for both lines!

GA-47 international distributors:
AUSTRALIA: Audio Chocolate -
ITALY: Sound Wave Distribution -
POLAND: MusicToolz -
SPAIN: Rage Audio -
UK: Runway Pro Audio -
US and CANADA: Rad Distribution -